"Free To Be Healthy" - Montana Woman Magazine article by Anthony Rojo, DC of Life Family Chiropractic


It was a hot blustery summer morning in 1776. A young teacher by the name of Nathan Hale was the only volunteer for a treacherous intelligence gathering mission in what is now the area of Wall Street, NY. It was during the Battle of Long Island, and the 21 year old blue-eyed, blonde hair spy knew that if he were caught, he would be executed by the British. Having successfully gathered information under General George Washington’s orders, Nathan was spotted and recognized by British loyalists. As was customary at that time, Nathan was hung for being an enemy combatant. But the words that he said before his execution have stood through time, “I only regret that I have one life to lose for my country.”

Thanks to the ultimate sacrifices made by people before us such as Nathan Hale, we celebrate our freedom and independence in the month of July. One important freedom that we have here in the U.S.A. is the freedom to be healthy! The subject of health has been around for centuries, but in more recent years has become popular in commercials, books, talk shows, and just about everywhere we turn. As children, many of us learned that to “be healthy” meant eating your vegetables and getting outside for fresh air and exercise. The schools taught us about proper hygiene, how the body works in science, and how to exercise the body in P.E. class. Overall, we learned that being sick was unhealthy, and that symptoms like pain and nausea were bad.  Unfortunately, most people did not learn the importance of spinal health and how it affects the entire body.

Proper spinal hygiene is a vital key to greater health. By having a chiropractor check your spine for misalignments, you are addressing the importance of your nervous system and how it controls every single function in your body. These misalignments, or vertebral subluxations, interfere with the nerves ability to transmit vital information from the brain to the body and back to the brain again. A chiropractic adjustment is what is given by the chiropractor to gently move one or more vertebrae into place, therefore restoring nerve function. It’s pretty amazing when you think about the fact that any aspect of health can be impaired by nerve interference. So when people visit a chiropractor the first time with symptoms like headaches, back pain, or sciatica just to name a few, the chiropractor isn’t specifically treating those conditions or diseases. He or she is checking for subluxations that are affecting the overall function of the body, and with restored nerve function, those symptoms are very likely to dissipate.  
Having only one life to live, it’s important to maintain our health with a nervous system that’s functioning at 100%, so that we can enjoy our lives and truly be free to live LIFE to the fullest and be the person we were born to be.