“The Cattle Queen of Montana” - Montana Woman Magazine article published by Anthony Rojo, DC


She strips off her petticoats and straps on her guns! The Cattle Queen of Montana is an American western film starring the talented Barbara Stanwyck and future President of the United States, Ronald Reagan. The picture follows the adventures of a Montana pioneer who combats renegades and greedy land owners to capture her piece of paradise. But did you know, the real Cattle Queen of Montana, Margaret Carlston, had a much wilder history than even Hollywood could capture?
A true pioneer, Margaret Carlston was born in Sweden in 1861 and immigrated to America in the 1870’s. She knew legends like Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane, and was known to have a heart as large as the Big Sky Country. During the bootlegging days, she hid bottles of home- brewed beer in the stockings under her full gingham dress and carried them out to her thirsty ranch hands.
However, if you crossed Margaret, she never forgot it. She even once pushed a judge off of a sidewalk in downtown Livingston as she walked by, in retaliation for upsetting her.
In 1887 near Silver City, a group of Crow Indians stole Margaret’s prize horse as she and her young family made their way to the Jay Gould mining camp. When Margaret’s husband, Richard, did not return after going out to retrieve the stolen stallion, she went looking to see what had happened. She came upon the group of Indians rolling with laughter at her husband. Every time he tried to mount the horse, they would push him off. Mrs. Carlston marched through the men, right up to the horse, jumped on it and rode away, with her husband in tow. The group of natives, having never seen a woman act as she did, let her go.
There are many lessons that can be taken away from Margaret’s biography. She lived a life of adventure as she helped develop the Wild West.  She was a strong, savvy and brutally independent person. Like women in Montana today, she was the rock on which her family anchored itself during uncertain times.
Mrs. Carlston was a true Montanan. Whether she was driving her 500 head of cattle on her 3,200-acre Elbow Creek Ranch, negotiating prices for the horses she sold to the Canadian government, raising four boys, or running a distillery in the hills during Prohibition, she was involved in a little bit of everything, always giving it her best.  
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So go out and discover all that Montana has to offer, be all you can be. And like Margaret Carlston, create your own adventures in the last best place.