"FALL RUSH" - by Anthony Rojo, DC


It’s that time of year again, the “fall rush”. What is the “fall rush”, you ask? It’s actually a phrase I just made up. But when I say “fall rush”, what I am referring to is that time of year when people all over the country suddenly realize that the holiday season is drawing near. Halloween becomes a distant memory of scary costumes and candy-induced sugar comas. We wake up from our post-Halloween slumber and realize that we had better start making plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas and yes, even my birthday, I mean New Year’s Eve. 

This year, my wife’s father and I decided that we would be visiting them in Minnesota for Christmas. My father-in-law and I discussed the plans back in August, when I really didn’t have to think too hard about the logistics that would be involved in flying out for the holiday. It was also the warm time of year, so I wasn’t worried too much about the Minnesota cold I was committing to during that time of year.  We have never spent Christmas with my wife’s family during the 14 years we’ve been together, so Amy was excited when I told her the great news. Fast forward a few weeks ago, when we started to look at the price of tickets to fly back and forth during Christmas- STICKER SHOCK!!  It’s hard to believe how expensive it can be to get your family on an airplane from point A to point B and back home! Shopping for airline tickets can be very stressful! Thankfully I have a wonderful wife that is willing to take on that responsibility – thanks Amy!  But I really can’t think of a better way to spend money than to spend Christmas with Amy’s parents. That’s what Christmas is all about- celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with the ones you love. To us, that is priceless.

This “fall rush” is also the time when most people are under tremendous amounts of stress. The emotional pressure to make sure that all of your friends & family are happy with the parties, gift-giving, holiday baking & meals can really take its toll on your body. The strain on your muscles is enough to make you feel like you are stiffer than a piece of oak wood!  Of course when you have so much to do and think about, you find yourself consuming a less-than healthy diet of processed foods, left over Halloween treats, fast food, and other horrible choices. All of that “food” is often times made with chemicals and other stuff made in laboratories that really shouldn’t even be considered food. You may even find yourself feeding this junk to your family, and after all of this, you wonder why your family is suddenly feeling sick and run down.

Does all of that sound familiar? I may have just the solution for you! And it won’t cost you thousands of dollars – and it just may help your relationships at home and at work! Some recommendations you need to implement in your life are:

#1 – Keep a sleep schedule as regular as possible, and avoid over sleeping and under sleeping. Sleep helps reduce stress, reduces inflammation and is the time when your body is repairing itself from the day to day trauma’s we put it through.

 #2 – Avoid skipping meals but keep it clean! Eating foods high in refined sugars can help feed those nasty bugs, and viruses – sugar is like the perfect host for them, saying, “Come on in!” To build up your healthy bacteria army and fight those pesky bad ones, it is very helpful to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, drink lots of water,  and stay away from processed foods/foods that are high in carbohydrates.

#3 Now is a good time to get out and exercise! Physical activity will also help you sleep better, which helps reduce stress.

I saved the best for last….

 #4 - Going to your favorite chiropractor can help prevent, or drastically reduce, the frequency of those nagging sicknesses!  Chiropractic is the world’s best kept secret! In my office, my goal is to restore the proper motion, improve spinal function and remove interferences from the nervous system. When you have a misalignment and dysfunction of one of the bones in your spine, this can compromise the normal functioning of your nerves and can significantly impact your body’s ability to fight the flu, cold,and other health conditions.  In fact, people under regular chiropractic care have immune systems that work significantly better than those not under any type of chiropractic care. I correct these misalignments or subluxations with a very gentle, specific, adjustment. Our office is specifically trained to deliver the most gentle and effective care, and to help you deal with all of the stress during the “fall rush!”