CHANGE by Anthony Rojo, DC of Life Family Chiropractic


The week of Thanksgiving is behind us, with the promise of Christmas just around the corner.  It’s the time of year for changes. The orange and yellow leaves have fallen, making room for new growth in the spring. The weather has taken a sudden turn from radiant warm afternoons to bone chilling mornings – it’s definitely sweater and jacket season! Changes are happening all around us, from the weather, to politics to the cultural climate all over. Sometimes we get nervous or anxious about things changing in our lives, but like the weather, changes are inevitable. Changes in our lives can be a good thing….if we have the right attitude!

One of the things that changed for us is right here in our office. This past couple of weeks we have been working on the re-branding of Life Family Chiropractic. We decided to get rid of our old logo that did not represent what we do, and commissioned Amy’s artist cousin in Alaska to breath life into a logo that complements are mission: life, love, wellness, whole, hand-on and obviously, the spine. Our lovely yam orange walls were enjoyed for 3-1/2 years, but they, too, were included in our season of change. Who knew grey could be so warm and inviting?! Honestly, when Amy and I were laying out the changes on the drawing board, we were a little bit nervous. It was hard to imagine the drastic transformation that would take place, and we were worried about how our patients and friends would react to the changes as well. We want everyone to love what we are doing in the office, to make everyone comfortable and excited to come into our office to be checked for vertebral subluxations! Will grey convey that? Well, as it turned out, yes it did! Rave reviews and a week of “adjusting” to it (no pun intended), we LOVE it, our people that come in LOVE it, and the orange walls are all but a memory, and in many photos making a lovely backdrop. J

Changes take place in a variety of ways for people. For us, a major life change happened for our family when Amy and I moved back from Atlanta, Georgia to start our new chiropractic business here in Kalispell. There were countless dreams and aspirations we wanted to undertake. We were fresh out of chiropractic school, and had visions of helping our neighbors become one of the healthiest communities in the United States (we have big goals)!  So much thought went into what we wanted to do including the ideas that we wanted to convey to people that would hopefully change their paradigm of what health truly is. And conveying those ideas into images and actual experiences has proved to be challenging but very rewarding!

At the forefront of our goal was to make sure our office will be a place of refuge from the daily grind of stress and turmoil going on in the world every day.  We have always strived to fill the office with love, compassion, and empathy through our attitude and genuine concern we have for every single person that walks in our door. We treat EVERYONE like they are a part of our family, because in our minds, anyone that walks in our door WAS family. As we’ve done these things day in and day out, a funny thing started to happen  - more and more people would come to our office and bring their friends and family’s with them. We were building wonderful relationships with these people! None of these incredible relationships ever have happened if we hadn’t embraced the major changes in our lives!

Although these changes can be a scary proposition, we understand that change is necessary to grow. The changes we made to our office and our journey opening a chiropractic office isn’t something that we took lightly. But when Amy and I look back and see the relationships we have made with the people that come to our office for care, this is priceless. I look back and think of the times when I was nervous and scared for the things to come. Even today I find myself in fear of the things that may or may not happen. I wish I could say that I wasn’t afraid or scared. But when I adjust the way I look at the future possibilities, then I can embrace the changes taking place in my life. No longer do I fear the unknown, but welcome the risks I take, knowing that just around the corner lies a beautiful new relationship with a patient, or a life changing chiropractic adjustment that only I can give. We were put into a position to be able to help people who are hurting, suffering, without hope, fearful  and just plain tired of living in pain or overall bad health. This is HUGE and we are grateful for the gifts we can bestow onto our community through chiropractic care. And these changes we have had within our own lives, and the changes in the people that visit our office….we are able to spread the effects of this positive change and help those around us, one person at a time, which eventually spreads to hundreds, thousands, and across the world! So bring on the change, and BE the change you want to see in the world!