New Year New You!

New Year New You

By Anthony Rojo DC

Have you ever gone to the gym and participated in a fitness program in the hopes of becoming the next fitness phenom? And then wake up the next day with muscles so sore that you’re not sure you can get out of bed? Most of us have. It’s probably one of the most dreaded parts of “getting back into shape”. This is the time of year most people make the ultimate New Year’s resolution to finally start losing those extra pounds they’ve put on since last New Year. All of the local health clubs are scrambling to market the perfect membership plan to convince you that this is the year you finally reach your fitness goals. These gyms have a variety of fitness classes that have incredibly absurd names like “booty blast”, “body combat”, or my favorite “buns and guns”. This is the time of year where tens of thousands of motivated men and women sign up for a yearly gym membership, only to give up on their fitness resolutions after a few short weeks. Let’s face it, going to the gym after a hard day’s work is, well. . . a lot of HARD WORK!!! And who has the time for that? Not you! That is why this year is going to be different. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your fitness goals, rock those resolutions, and transform yourself into that strong, healthy person that you know yourself to be!


To get the most out of your New Year’s resolution, the first thing you should do is to set REALISTIC goals. If your goal is to lose 50 pounds so that you can fit back into that size 4 dress you’ve been saving for your cousin Cindy’s April wedding, guess what...that’s not fair or realistic to yourself! Chances are, unless you starve yourself silly, you won’t reach your goal, and when you don’t see results fast enough, you will probably give up and ditch your resolutions.

When setting your goals for the New Year, remember to keep them S.M.A.R.T – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time related. A great way to keep yourself focused while working towards your goals is to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing!!

Write your goals on yellow sticky notes and post them on the bathroom mirror or on the coffee maker so that it’s one of the first things you see each morning.

Listen to motivational music or watch inspirational video’s on YouTube when you don’t feel like hitting the gym. This will help motivate you, and keep you on track!

A great way to keep you on your path to greatness is having a workout partner.

When you wake up early in the morning, sometimes it can be tough gathering the strength to get out of your cozy bed or change into your workout clothes and head to your booty blast class after a long day. When you have a friend with similar goals as you, they can hold you accountable. After all, what kind of friend would you be if you flaked out on them because you were too tired or just feeling unmotivated? You don’t want to be “that friend”!! Having someone to share your struggles with, be your sounding board when things are less than ideal and hold you accountable will keep you working towards the goals you set. Also, having a friend to share all these things with is just plain fun. If things aren’t fun, then it’s easy to give up when some of those days become challenging. Remember to keep it enjoyable. Your goals become less of a challenge if you are enjoying the process of reaching them!

When working together, that’s when the magic happens!

One of the toughest parts about setting fitness goals is altering your diet. The dreaded D word! Diet and exercise go hand in hand just like thunder and lightning, or peanut butter and jelly. You can’t quite do one without the other. Have you ever tried eating a plain peanut butter sandwich without jelly? It’s hard to get through without a tall glass of cold milk! The same thing applies to diet and exercise. Sure you can do one without the other, but when working together, that’s when the magic happens and you start to see real changes. Unfortunately, the word diet conjures up images of starvation, or bare cupboards and empty refrigerators. If you go online and do a search for “diet programs”, you will find that there are many fad diets out there. Fad diets are a recipe for disaster. Even if you are able to deny your body of something you enjoy for long enough to actually lose weight, you likely won’t be able to sustain it long term, and you will be back to where you started in no time.

Just eat when your hungry!

The truth is eating healthy to support your fitness goals is quite simple. Just eat when you are hungry! The best part is there is no need to jump on board one of the many limiting diets that are so prevalent online. Get the nutrition you need to fuel your day by cooking at home instead of eating out. You can control how much or how little sugars, fats, and extra calories you put in your meal. When you eat out, most restaurants prioritize taste over health. And that means you are more likely to consume foods that are cooked in grease, rich sauces, and foods cooked with extra sugars and salts. All of that can add up and ruin all of the hard work you are putting in.

As you make this journey, a great strategy to track your weekly progress is to take “before” pictures of yourself, and make regular updates every few weeks by taking more pictures. You can look back at each progress photo of yourself and see all the improvement you have made. Celebrate your victories with something special. A night at the movies, a slice of pizza, or buy yourself a nice piece of clothing you can now fit into! There are also many apps on your smart phone or computer that can help you track your progress. This can make it easier to keep track of how much weight you‘ve lost or how much stronger you have become. Don’t put it off.....the best time to start is NOW! Just think how much farther along you will be if you start today. Now you have some tips and tricks that will help you reach your goals and be the best you possible for 2019. Go out, be all that you were meant to be, and make our world a better place to live, because you are awesome!