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About Dr. Anthony Rojo

Kalispell Chiropractor

Dr. Rojo's decision to become a chiropractor had a lot to do with his brother's experience with chiropractic more than his own.

When he was a kid, Dr. Rojo and his younger brother Scott were inseparable. They often played sports together, and even though Scott was two years younger, he often outperformed Dr. Rojo.


However, one day, everything changed when Scott started having Grand Mal seizures. Despite consultations with top specialists, Scott's seizures became a regular terror. Anti-psychotic medications halted the seizures, they left Scott withdrawn, unable to play sports, and a mere shadow of his former self.

One day, their father met a chiropractor who was giving a health talk at his work. After talking with the chiropractor, they decided to have Scott evaluated. The chiropractor ended up identifying a serious misalignment in Scott’s upper neck.


Scott began treatment, and after just a few weeks of chiropractic care, he showed drastic improvement and was able to stop his medication. Ultimately, Scott was able to return to sports, he earned a college sports scholarship, learned to speak fluent Spanish, and he become a successful lawyer.


Scott's transformation had a profound impact on Dr. Rojo. Ultimately, it inspired him to become a chiropractor so he can help others, just as a chiropractor helped Scott.

Dr. Rojo with patients Kalispell mt flathead valley chiropractor
Dr. Rojo chiropractor with family Kalispell mt flathead valley chiropractor

Education & Certifications

  • Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)

  • Int. Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) Member

  • Webster Certified - Prenatal Specialized Adjustments

  • Post-grad training in extremity adjustments

  • CCSMS- Certified Chiropractic Sports Medicine Specialist

  • Smart Tools IASTM Certified

Life Family Chiropractic

Your Flathead Valley Chiropractor

Looking for a Chiropractor near you in the Kalispell area? We know that choosing a chiropractor can be a big decision. It can even be frustrating if you don't know where to turn to for help. The good news is that you have found the right place.


Many of our patients were in the same situation as you and have found the help they needed with us. We pride ourselves on helping each of our patients feel better faster and stay better longer with the use of cutting-edge chiropractic care designed for individuals of all ages.

You are in good hands with Life Family Chiropractic.  We have been providing exceptional chiropractic care to the Kalispell area for over 8 years.​ Chiropractic care is essential for all ages and has been utilized for over a hundred years to help patients with low back pain, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many many others.


At Life Family Chiropractic our passion is caring for the whole family.​ We are conveniently located at 770 W Reserve Dr. in Kalispell, MTIf you would like to schedule your first appointment, call (406) 752-5555 or click on the button below to get started.

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