GETTING SOCIAL by Anthony Rojo, DC

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Social media is the new way we connect with each other. Children are developing with this innovative technology. Your 2-year-old son can probably sort through your tablet apps and get around better than you can. J Young adults and kids are drawn to social media because communicating with their friends is trending towards everything online. This wave of connecting is sweeping over the world. Want to know what your friends are doing over the holidays? All you need to do is login to your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter account, and that’s just for starters. There are more and more social media platforms that are being developed every day that will make communicating with each other unlike anything we have seen in the past. Connecting and being connected is the new world we live in.

When I was growing up, connecting with my friends was usually done face to face at school, or calling my friends from home on the phone, the one attached to the hallway wall with (hopefully) a 20’ cord to seek privacy in a room. Although we still have phones, rarely does the younger generation pick up their smart phone to dial up their friends to talk. They are more likely to send out a text or instant message then on one of the many platforms used to link with each other.  I remember several years ago, when I was in chiropractic school, getting the phone number from George, my organic chemistry tutor. I called him and there was no answer. I called him again, again no answer, and the voicemail wasn’t set up. After trying several more times, I finally gave up, figuring that I had the wrong number. So when I talked to him a few days later at school, I told him I tried calling him, but I must have the wrong number. He gave me a puzzled look and asked “why didn’t you just text me?”, followed with an explanation that he said he never answers his phone, only texts. That was the first time I realized that it was considered rude to call someone out of the blue. This was confirmed many times afterwards when I tried to get together with others in my classes to set up study groups. This was definitely a new way of connecting/communicating that I was clueless about. Although cell phones and smart phones had been around for several years, I had only just got a flip phone to stay in touch with my wife. I was surely what the new generation calls a “late adapter”.

My son, Antonio, has been an expert using the computer, beginning with our 1st generation Ipad when he was just 3. Recently, after caving to the pressure (and necessity) of owning a smart phone, I am starting to learn the ropes of social media. I even started a twitter account, which as far as I can tell, lets me “tweet”, which is something I never thought I’d find myself doing.  There is so much to learn - I feel like I’m behind the eight ball. Learning to take a selfie that captures your best angle, tweeting interesting events and thoughts, and carefully choosing the right hashtags are all things that can either make or break your reputation. I had to quickly learn that to make good use of these “connecting tools”, the name of the game is having as many “followers” on different platforms as possible. In order to help as many people as I can to make good health decisions, it is important to stay connected, and to keep people’s attention with interesting and valuable information. Connection is the key. We all want to be connected to someone or something. As human beings, staying connected is one of the most primal urges, along with eating food and drinking water. It’s in our DNA!

Staying connected on a social level is only the beginning. What about connecting with our HEALTH? Being grounded to the power that makes us humans, and being connected to the source of our beings – this is where my message about connections become more IMPORTANT! Chiropractic really is all about making sure that all of the neurological pathways that lead from the brain to every organ, gland and muscle in your body are….connected! Chiropractic is the world’s best kept secret.

In my office, our goal is to:  restore the proper motion, improve spinal function and remove interferences from the nervous system in your spine.

What I do as a chiropractor: 

When you have a misalignment and dysfunction of one of the bones in your spine, this can compromise the normal functioning of your nerves and can significantly trigger health problems. In other words, your body isn’t connected to your brain, which is the master control system of your body! Imagine talking to your significant other on your cell phone, as they try to give you directions to their location. Now imagine what it’s like when you have spotty or poor cell reception. You are talking to that person, but they are only getting bits and parts of what you are saying, and you in turn are getting only parts of the conversation. You can understand parts of the directions, and you are going in the right general direction, but it’s frustrating, and because you only hear parts of the directions, you find yourself getting lost, taking a few wrong turns, etc. Until you finally arrive to your destination after a long, drawn out, inefficient drive – what should have taken you 10 minutes ended up taking much longer. Now both of you are frustrated and not in a very good mood. The same type of communication takes place between your body and brain when you have vertebral subluxations. Inefficiency takes place, and the longer you have these subluxations, the faster your body starts to break down. When your nervous system is not connected, you start to experience all sorts of health problems because every cell and tissue in your body is under the control of your nervous system. Having a properly functioning nervous system is the key to health!!

The importance of staying connected isn’t just socially, but rather IMPERATIVE for your health. The wave of chiropractic is sweeping over the world. All you need to do to is make sure to get regular spinal checkups from your favorite chiropractor – and that’s just for starters. Every day we are learning more and more about the human body and the importance of a properly functioning nervous system unlike anything we have seen in the past. Connecting and being connected is our future, and the new world we live in, so let’s make sure we put our “brain and body connection” first before our social connections. The overall health benefits far outweigh any Instagram or Facebook connections!

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